We are a talent development fellowship focused on enabling young women in Ethiopia with world class learning opportunities in technology and innovation.

What we do

  • Web and Mobile Application Development

    We provide a three-month, immersive, project-based learning experience in full-stack web development and mobile application designed to transform skill sets to allow program participant to become better problem solvers and/or entrepreneurs.

  • Supplementary Programs

    We provide workshops where we introduce participants to different software development tools, tech topics and personal development programs such as leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing, business plan development, communication and presentation skills.

  • Industry Experience

    The best way to learn is by doing, which is why we are collaborating with different local organizations to solve real life problems. Participant will identify real human needs by conducting user research and implement a working solution.

  • Mentorship

    Beyond the three-month immersion, we aim to provide continuous virtual support and mentorship to all Entoto fellowship recipients. This will help inform future guidance and recommendations from the program.