Entoto Blog 3: Student Blog

Lidya Teshome

My name is Lidya Teshome. I am from Addis Abeba and went to high school at Adey Abeba School. I study accounting at Admas University and I do not have any prior coding knowledge before I joined Entoto Tech Fellowship. In the past couple of months I have learnt the basics of web development with a variety of coding languages such as CSS, JavaScript, HTML and PHP. I also completed my one week entrepreneurship training. Afterwards, I aspire to be a software developer and to finish my accounting degree at Admas University. I hope to find a way to combine the skills I’ve learned in Entoto with those I acquired in university. Additionally, I want to pursue volunteer work with orphanages and perhaps I’ll be able to use my web development skills learned in ENTOTO with that as well.