We have launched our GoFundMe campaign!

The Entoto Tech Fellowship runs under the Ethiopian Community Association which is a non-profit organization in BC, Canada. This program is run by a team of dedicated volunteers. We are always looking for support from organizations and individuals.

Email us here to learn how you can support us.

All participants of Summer 2019 Entoto Fellowship Program are fully funded.

Knowing the financial burden that prevents women from attending the program, we will be fully sponsoring all participants with food and accommodation included.  We believe the students could greatly benefit from receiving a laptop to fully immerse themselves in the program and continue learning afterwards.  Hence, we are running campaigns and fundraising to obtain up to 25 laptops.

Yeabsera Kasahun (Nani) faced lots of challenges to start a career tech. She is working with Entoto to give better experience for other women when they start in tech and entrepreneurship.